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Q. What are the differences between General Liability and Professional Liability (Errors and Omissions) coverages?

A. General Liability coverage protects you, your firm, your employees and contracted independent contractors from third-party claims and law suits for negligent acts which cause third party injury or property damage. This coverage responds to claims brought which occur on your premises or at your customer’s/clients place of business. It also responds to claims or lawsuits brought from allegations of slander, defamation of character, or false arrest.

Professional Liability protects you, your firm, your employees and contracted independent contractors from claims and lawsuits brought from an error or omission in the delivery of your professional services which cause a financial loss to your customer/client.

In most cases both General Liability and Professional Liability coverages will respond on your behalf in the defense and management of claims.

Q. How much coverage is enough?

A. Coverage limits are available starting at $1,000,000 and can go as high as $10,000,000 on a primary policy basis.

Q. Is ITinsure's program administrator licensed to do business in my state?

A. Yes, ITinsure is licensed in all 50 states as an insurance agent and broker.

Q. Premium?

A. Professional Liabilities policies are priced based on services provided x those services’ annual revenue. General Liability policies are rated on the property value and square footage of your location. So please call us or complete our indication form and e-mail or fax it to us, so we can provide you with a premium indication at no obligation.

Q. What is the difference between an "occurrence" and "claims made" coverage?

A. Most General Liability policies are written on an occurrence basis, while most Professional Liability policies are written on a claims made basis. The difference is that under an occurrence policy a claim may be brought at any time against the policy in effect that date of the occurrence regardless of whether it was not known until years into the future. Whereas under a claims made policy, it will only respond if the claim is brought within the policy period.

Q. What is a package policy?

A. A policy that provides more than one type of coverage combined together to protect a business against first- and third — party losses. Example: First-party coverages would include real or personal property (buildings, contents including computer equipment), employee dishonest (theft), combined with third-party coverage general liability. Coverage usually not included in a package policy would be Professional Liability, Business Auto, Workers’ Compensation. The nice thing about a package policy is that it may be custom-fitted to meet individual business needs.

Q. What is non-owned and hired auto coverage?

A. Non-owned coverage protects your business if you or an employee has an accident while on business driving a personally owned car. Hired auto coverage protects your business if you or an employee rent a vehicle while on a business trip or for business purposes.

Q. Why is Workers’ Compensation coverage mandatory?

A. Because it’s the law. Each state has its’ own workers’ compensation regulations and benefit requirements for this coverage. An employee may claim workers comp benefits in the state where an injury occurred for their state of residence, or your business’ primary address.

Q. Are payment options available?

A. Yes

Q. If I buy my professional liability coverage from ITinsure, will I be covered if I am sued and/or a claim is made against me from mistakes, errors or omissions made by a subcontractor who I may have contracted with for a specific job or contract?

A. Yes

Q. May I increase my policies’ coverage limits (whether general liability or professional liability), or even property values, prior to my policies’ expiration or renewal date?

A. Yes. You may increase values and coverage limits any time throughout the term of your policies.

Q. If I buy professional liability and/or general liability through ITinsure, will the policies be issued by insurance companies that are approved in my state?

A. Yes, in most states.

Q. Can ITinsure provide coverages for me on an international basis?

A. Yes, However, you need to speak with an ITinsure customer service representative to share your specific international needs and/or requirements.